What will be your Legacy to the children of Fun Time Academy?

There are many ways to support Fun Time Academy and join our Children’s Legacy Society.  You join the Society by designating the Academy as a beneficiary using any of the following methods:

  • Make a bequest in a will or trust
  • Name the Academy as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • Name the Academy as a beneficiary of a retirement plan
  • Leave a directed gift upon death through the Community Foundation of Collier County

By contributing in any of these ways you support our efforts to fulfill the mission of providing safe, quality and affordable early education to children and parents from low-income working families, preparing these children for a successful transition to kindergarten, ready to read and ready to learn.


Your tax-deductible donation helps provide tuition assistance based on a family’s financial need by bridging the significant gap between the parent sliding-scale payment and the actual cost of education and care.


The Children’s Legacy Society

The Children’s Legacy Society is comprised of individuals who believe that early learning leads to a student’s continued success throughout school and to his ultimate contribution to our community.  These individuals have created a family legacy by designating Fun Time Early Childhood Academy as a beneficiary of planned gifts using the methods noted above, and they have joined the Society to raise awareness about how these gifts sustain the future of Fun Time Academy.

Tell Us!

If you have already made a gift, intend to make a gift or want more information about planned giving, please notify us by contacting: 

Marsha Murphy
Chair, Board of Directors
239-435-9456 or ADRMurphy@aol.com


Members of the Children’s Legacy Society

Pat Cacho, Mary Beth Johns, Charles A. Johns, Peter Manion, Susan Manion, Constance Messner, Carol and Dick Munro, Marsha Murphy, Kris Pfaehler, Ruth Pfaehler, Lynn Nolan, Robert S. Troth, Valerie Trotman