Being involved in a child’s education not only helps the child to achieve more academically, but it also lifts teacher morale and provides parents with the satisfaction of making a difference in their child’s education. According to Dr. Kirkwood, “When parents do not feel comfortable in the school setting, they are less likely to support and participate in school events or speak to their child’s teacher or principal about their concerns or goals for their child. Everyone misses out on valuable opportunities to strengthen the home-school connection and support children.” Kirkwood, Donna. (2016, April 11) Understanding the Power of Parent Involvement. NAEYC. At Fun Time, we love our families and encourage them to get involved. Becca Mysels, our Events Coordinator plans monthly parent involvement activities. Her first parent event was held on September 28. She surveyed families on areas of need and provided resources families can access in our community. Snacks were served, prizes were given, and parents readily shared topics that interested them. 

The Making a Difference newspaper column written by Joe Landon featured how Fun Time readies children for future success. The newspaper article appears in the Naples Florida Weekly. Free copies are available in numerous locations scattered across Collier County. The newspaper article is also posted on the Florida Weekly website. Read the full article at Florida Weekly.