Fun Time Academy has collected donations from many generous people that wanted to help the most affected ones.

Actually, We have families that have lost everything, house and car flooded.

In order to help, we started to accept donations. We are using our Multipurpose room to save and organize everything by sizes and needs. 

Beneficiaries are coming by appointment to collect what they need. 

What we received:

  • Elianys Vergel from a local Plumbing Company, donated a significant amount of bottled water.
  • Adriana Ledesma, brought groceries and canned food.
  • Manuela Boherquez and Adrian Urquiola donated clothes, baby formula, hygienic items, canned food and bottled water.
  • Eliven Cruz helped bringing bags of clothes.
  • Gigi Broccolo donated various items including blankets, clothes, shoes and cleaning supplies.

We want to say THANK YOU to them ♥

Our mission is to help working families, any help and donation is really appreciate it. 


Fun Time Early Childhood Academy