Fun Time Early Childhood Academy is thrilled to announce it has received a $15,000 grant from the Naples Woman’s Club (NWC). This generous funding comes from the Estate of Joanne Bhatta and was provided to the Naples Women’s Club to benefit children of Collier County. The grant funding will be used to enhance the technology capability of Fun Time’s three locations in Collier County, with the purchase of three (3) smart whiteboards for use in the classroom. This funding aligns perfectly with our mission of providing safe, quality, and affordable education and care for children and parents from low-income working families, preparing these children for kindergarten to ensure they are “ready to read and ready to learn!” 

Enriching Learning Resources: Smart Boards provide interactive learning experiences, capturing children’s attention and engaging them in lessons. Children can actively participate in activities, manipulate digital content, and explore various concepts in a hands-on manner. Smart boards introduce children to technology at an early age and help develop literacy skills, which are increasingly important in today’s technologically driven world. Smart boards support various teaching methods, such as visual aids, interactive games, and collaborative activities, accommodating diverse learning preferences. 

“The Naples Woman’s Club is proud to support the superb work that Fun Time Academy does by providing early childhood education services in Collier County.” – Patti Taylor, President of Naples Woman’s Club. 

“Fun Time Early Childhood Academy expresses heartfelt gratitude to the Naples Woman’s Club for their belief in our mission and commitment to early childhood education. This grant will profoundly impact the lives of the children and families we serve, equipping them with the tools and resources needed to thrive.” Jessica Campbell, Executive Director of Fun Time Early Childhood Academy. 

The Naples Woman’s Club (NWC) directs funds to aid vulnerable/at-risk women, children, families, and seniors who are underserved in the greater Naples community and Collier County, in accord with the current NWC Strategic funding Plan. NWC funding priorities address Children’s Needs; Hunger and Food Insecurity; Housing/Homelessness/Safety and Mental Health. 

For more information about Fun Time Early Childhood Academy, our programs, or how you can support our mission, please visit or contact Jessica Campbell, Executive Director, 239-261-8284,